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HDP 5 is a D-Class five-channel car audio amplifiers suitable for complex installations, able to offer up to 950W total. The built-in crossovers are settable as Full Range and Hi-Pass at 12dB/Oct. or Hi-Pass + Band-Pass and Lo-Pass at 24dB/Oct. The extremely flexible crossover section allows the use of HDP 5 in multiple installations with excellent acoustic results.
Maximum versatility also in connections: HDP 5 features the HDP IN system which, through the Speaker In and RCA inputs, provides the ability to interface with any OEM and aftermarket source. The power stage features a double power supply to ensure energy flows steadily.
The double-extrusion heat sink and the Hertz logo, which is back lit and can be rotated, allow especially sophisticated installations.

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Optional Remote Volume Control

Optional Remote Volume Control (HRC) allows the user to adjust subwoofer level from dashboard.

Műszaki adatok

Csatorna mód 5-3
Kimeneti Teljesítmény (RMS)
@ 14.4 VDC
5 Ch 70 W x 4 + 380 W x 1 (4Ω)
5 Ch 100 W x 4 + 550 W x 1 (2Ω)
3 Ch 200 W x 2 (4Ω) + 380 W x 1 (4Ω)
3 Ch 200 W x 2 (4Ω) + 550 W x 1 (2Ω)
Bypass funkció
Felül-áteresztő szűrő
Alul-áteresztő szűrő

40 ÷ 150 Hz (HI) 80 ÷ 3.3K Hz (LO) @ 12 dB/Oct
40 ÷ 150 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.
40 ÷ 150 Hz (HI) 80 ÷ 3.3K Hz (LO) @ 12 dB/Oct

Torzítás - THD
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
0.08 %
Jel/zaj viszony
(Terhelve @ 1V)
A & B Ch - 100 dB
C Ch - 106 dB
Csillapítási tényező
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
A & B Ch - 50
C Ch - 100
Méret (Szé x Ma x Mé)
mm (in.)
171 x 344 x 46,.70 (6.73 x 13.54 x 1.83)

Ki- / Bemenet



    4 LEDs monitor amplifier status and communicate with the user in real time. This system, while allowing the amplifier to operate, also identifies installation faults and leads to eliminate them.

    Power supply stage featuring toroidal transformers with multi-layered windings, powerful T220-5pin with dual inside device Mosfets.

    The heatsink boasts extremely efficient thermal conductivity, combined with exclusive cosmetics: scratch-resistant finish, end caps shaped for easy handling, control panel accessible from the top as well as a featured back lit Hertz logo which can also be rotated.
  • HDP IN & ART(TM)

    HDP IN system provides to interface with any OEM (through the Speaker In) and aftermarket (through the RCA In) sources. Using Speaker In inputs, the ART (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) function is available; the user can also switch it off.

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