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    CX 690

    The three-way elliptical coax CX 690 featuring a 6×9 in. cone was designed to achieve maximum performance in horizontal installations and offering, even in this difficult condition, an exceptional tone balance and power handling.

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    CG 690 grille


    Composed by a high-resistance ABS plastic support and metal mesh, to ensure a high degree of protection with a Hi-tech design.

    Műszaki adatok

    Teljesítménykezelés - Peak W 300
    Teljesítménykezelés - folyamatos W 100
    Impedancia 4
    Frekvenciaátvitel Hz 40 ÷ 23k
    érzékenység dB SPL 93,5
    Mély-hangszóró mérete mm (in.) (6 x 9)
    Magas-sugárzó mérete mm (in.) 40 (1.58)
    Szupermagas-sugárzó mérete mm (in.) 20 (0.8)
    Mély-hangszóró hangtekercs Ø mm (in.) 30 (1.2)
    Hangszóróba hangtekercs Ø mm (in.) 28 (1.1)
    Mély-hangszóró mágnes High density flux ferrite
    Magas-sugárzó mágnes Neodymium
    Mély-hangszóró membrán Semi Pressed Paper-Mica
    Magas-sugárzó membrán PEI
    Szupermagas-sugárzó membrán PEI


    1. 6x9 in. semi-pressed paper elliptical cone SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) enhanced with Mica powder for an excellent balance between lightness and damping. 2. Wide rubber suspension engineered for a long excursion and excellent sound damping. 3. High-density flux ferrite magnet combined with low-carbon polar plates for reduced distortion at high power levels. 4. Basket with metallic finish acoustically combined with a rubber magnet cover for total damping of spurious vibrations. 5. 40 mm (1.58 in.) dome tweeter for efficient distortion-free mid-high frequency reproduction. 6. 20 mm (0.8 in.) dome supertweeter to maximize the level of very high frequencies in horizontal installations. 7. Tweeter faceplate geometry optimized with FEM simulations (Finite Element Modeling), to provide an extremely linear frequency response in off-axis installations. 8. Provided elegant grille made with high-resistance ABS plastic structure with a metallic finish combined with a protective metal mesh.


    • SPP-M

      SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica) cone enhanced with Mica powder for an excellent balance between lightness and damping.

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