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ECX 130.5

Two way coaxial

The Energy.5 ECX 130.5 coaxial is the solution for those who want to reproduce a wide frequency range without the need of separate components: the coax tweeter adds to the woofer response optimizing the installation-friendliness.
Neodymium tweeter with built-in crossover, pressed-paper cone with deep ribbings for maximum rigidity and accurate optimization of the motor assembly contribute to enhance sound linearity, off-axis response and timbre quality. Thanks to the RHFC technology, the tweeter can be oriented, being 10° angled, to control dispersion and get close to the ideal frequency response.

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Műszaki adatok

Teljesítménykezelés - Peak W 150
Teljesítménykezelés - folyamatos W 50
Impedancia 4
Frekvenciaátvitel Hz 70 ÷ 23k
érzékenység dB SPL 93
Mély-hangszóró mérete mm (in.) 130 (5)
Magas-sugárzó mérete mm (in.) 24 (0.9)
Mély-hangszóró hangtekercs Ø mm (in.) 25 (1)
Hangszóróba hangtekercs Ø mm (in.) 15 (0.6)
Mély-hangszóró mágnes High density flux ferrite
Magas-sugárzó mágnes Neodymium
Mély-hangszóró membrán Water-repellent pressed paper
Magas-sugárzó membrán PEI


  • Rotary High Frequency Contour

    The tweeter group is adjustable and can be oriented towards the listening point. This means no limits to the installation: with the RHFC system you can tune the response for any listening point. For perfect off-axis dispersion and frequency response.

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