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EBX 200.5

Bass Reflex Sub Box

Designed to provide bursting dynamics EBX 200.5 car audio subwoofer box result from long studies about car compartment acoustics. These boxes have an inclination wall; they are made of very thick MDF, in order for them to be inert and stable.
Xponential Flanged Duct is a proprietary raccord style vent, reducing air turbulences to a minimum.
The terminals were designed with special attention paid to ergonomics and efficiency. They are flush mounted into a milled recess in the enclosure itself, improving the integrity of the installation.
Thanks to their unique pressure contact design, a low resistance transfer of power is ensured, without damaging the exposed wire strands.
Two ergonomic handles, covered in anti-slip rubber, aid in the removal of the enclosure from the vehicle and the ease of its transportation.

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Műszaki adatok

Speaker Méret mm (in.) 200 (8)
Teljesítménykezelés - Peak W 500
Teljesítménykezelés - folyamatos W 250
Impedancia 4
Frekvenciaátvitel Hz 30 ÷ 400
érzékenység dB SPL 91


1. 20 mm MDF employed to minimize enclosure losses.

2. Slanted rear panel helps reduce back wave reflections and eases installation.

3. Xponential Flanged Duct.® for powerful, undistorted output; perfect for the long excursion subwoofer used.

4. Molded composite grille offers total speaker protection and great cosmetic appeal.

5. Proprietary connection terminals provide the outmost in functionality and safety.

6. Ergonomic anti-slip rubber handles aid in the removal of the enclosure.


  • Xponential Flanged Duct®

    For powerful, undistorted output; perfect for the long excursion subwoofer used.

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