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EBX F25.5

Passive Radiator Sub Box

The EBX F25.5 flat car audio subwoofer box has been designed to ensure installation versatility, while still maintaining superior low frequency performance; an enclosure without compromise. The use of a long-excursion 250 mm woofer combined with a 300 mm passive radiator reflex system made it possible to create a “small” subwoofer capable of providing huge output with excellent musicality. The 18 mm MDF enclosure is reinforced with internal bracing and covered with thick moquette to reduce losses in the system. The compact size, the refined cosmetic finish along with the reversible logo makes the EBX range the “solution” enclosure for any installation.

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Műszaki adatok

Speaker Méret mm (in.) 250 (10)
Teljesítménykezelés - Peak W 900
Teljesítménykezelés - folyamatos W 300
Impedancia 4
Frekvenciaátvitel Hz 38 ÷ 350
érzékenység dB SPL 92


  • Ultraflat

    Small size for installations without limits. Accurate study of the components‘ profile carried out more compact baskets and motor assemblies.
  • Verified by Klippel

    The Klippel quality control system is our guarantee to always produce a product entirely in compliance with the most challenging international standards.

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