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ES 250.5


The Hertz Energy.5 ES 250.5 car audio subwoofers offers a dynamic bass and are capable of outstanding SPL never achieved in this category of the market.
The introduction of the V-cone® technology had a big impact in the efficiency of the ES.5 subwoofers, also improving cone stiffness and reducing the weight of the moving assembly, allowing a higher strength voice coil for a higher peak power handling.
The implementation of the surround and spider geometry, as well as the selection of the materials used, contributed to achieving unmatched mechanical and thus acoustical linearity.
This, combined with a drastic reduction of the Vas, provides the ability to achieve high undistorted SPL output in even small enclosures.
The Hertz Energy.5 subwoofers are the perfect choice for solid, powerful bass in perfect harmony with improved vehicle integration.

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ES 250 GR

optional grille

Műszaki adatok

Méret mm (in.) 250 (10)
Teljesítménykezelés - Peak W 750
Teljesítménykezelés - folyamatos W 250
Impedancia 4
Frekvenciaátvitel Hz 28 ÷ 300
érzékenység dB SPL 90
Hangtekercs Ø mm (in.) 50 (2)
Xmax mm 9
X-mech mm (in.) 15,5 (0.61)
Re 2,9
Fs Hz 35
Vas l 27,7
Qts 0,6
Qes 0,65
Qms 9,6
Spl dB 90


1. V-cone® technology with water-repellent paper membrane, for reduced

moving assembly mass and increased sensitivity.

2. Wide-wave spider profile, for high mechanical resistance against impulsive

stresses; its resin-bonded fibre ensures consistent electro-acoustic

parameters in time.

3. High density foam surround, for extreme mechanical and acoustical linearity,

even under high excursion.

4. Copper voice coil wound on aluminium former, combined with the spider

support cooling system and bottom plate vent holes, for outstanding thermal

capacity in power peaks.

5. Silver plated silicone shielded lead wires ending with tin-plated, high

current terminals for high resistance against mechanical stress and low

contact resistance.

6. High magnetic permeability plates and large magnet, ensuring a constant

and even magnetic flux, for perfect low frequency control.

7. Butyl rubber gasket and magnet protective cover, provide


  • V-cone®

    The exponential profile gets very close to the perfect one, providing exceptional dispersion.
  • Verified by Klippel

    The Klippel quality control system is our guarantee to always produce a product entirely in compliance with the most challenging international standards.

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