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ESK 163L.5

Three way system

The best sound in the smallest possible space. ESK 163L.5 is a three-way car audio systems, comprising four components: ET 26.5, EMV 100.5, EV 165L.5 and CX 300.5 crossover, creating a combination of high-performance, hi-tech products.
Excellent frequency response, high level of installation friendliness even with OEM placements, efficiency and appealing design: the Energy.5 systems comprise and contain the whole sound philosophy of Energy. Pure energy for listening pleasure.

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Műszaki adatok

Mély-hangszóró mérete mm (in.) 165 (6.5
Magas-sugárzó mérete mm (in.) 26 (1)
Mély-hangszóró mágnes High density flux ferrite
Magas-sugárzó mágnes Neodymium
Mély-hangszóró membrán Water repellent non pressed paper
Magas-sugárzó membrán Tetolon
Keresztváltó típusa LP/BP/HP
Keresztváltó vágása 600 Hz - 12/6 dB Oct. 6 kHz - 6/12 dB Oct.


  • V-cone®

    The exponential profile gets very close to the perfect one, providing exceptional dispersion.
  • Compact size

  • The Klippel quality control system is our guarantee to always produce a product entirely in compliance with the most challenging international standards.

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